The Doctor

You were sent to Blackroot to find a crazy, ex-Occupation “scientist” who was performing experients on people. You arrived to find a ghost town, after 3 days of solid travel. You all entered the tavern to get a layout of things, gather info, and for the dwarves to rest. There was one bartender, two orcs, and one human sitting and not talking much.
Jason’s character talked up the bartender and was given vague info, but was pointed towards Old Man Willey as far as strange people.
You all were told you could occupy a vacant house. Upon searching you found a lot of the furniture had been busted and put back together and in another house things that people wouldn’t leave without were left behind, giving the impression that these people didn’t leave in a hurry.
You all then went out into the marsh land surrounding the town, where you encountered Old Man Willey who seemed to be 15 degrees off normal with his snake catching and venom harvesting enterprise. He was aware of the people going missing. He let you stay in his cabin on legs and after midnight you went back to the tavern to find no one there and the rooms the dwarves were occupying were stuffed with dwarf looking dummies.
You all proceeded into the cellar. You encountered hire mercs the first few rooms. One surrendered and gave you a heads up. The further in you went you came across more and more bizarre things. Double-Goblins and eye-less creatures; a room that had flesh for a floor and mouths.
At one point, Jason’s character was injured and you all took a 6 hr rest. Upon getting to the last room, there was a fight and you were able to disable the machine. There was no sign of the dr. You went up a ladder that came out near the marsh where you saw Willey standing over the corpse of the bartender, who apparently was the Dr.’s bodyguard, who was stabbed to death with snakes. Willey informed you that you missed him by a few minutes and he was headed out into the Mournland.



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